Inspiration of the Day


Today's Inspiration: The greatest joy is to be able to sit at Jesus'feet to hear His teachings that will guide us the way to go. It is important to hear the still small voice within ourselves and discern the still small voice in people's heart. When you are able to do that, its success all the way. We need the teaching of the Lord. Isaiah 2:3. 
Anointing is a special endowment of the spirit. Without faith you will not act and if you don't act the anointing comes to a standstill.  Anointing is designed to empower you as you use the spiritual gifts God has given to you for your ministry, career or business so that the Holy spirit will manifest an increase in your life. 1 cor 12.7-11.
The Bible speaks much of anointing for service of priests, kings and levites. Even Jesus speaks much of anointing. 
Anointing starts with Jesus and flows down to us. We need to be Christlike before anointing can flow to us because in short anointing is the overflow of Christ's life to us for work of the ministry.  This is why Apostle Paul wrote that we should have the mind of Christ so that His life will overflow to us. For instance Elisha was able to perform double miracles of Elisha because of the anointing in Elijah's mantle through the Holy spirit.  Elisha asked for double portion of Elisha's anointing. if this is your desire God will fulfill. Psalm 20:4.