Inspiration of the Day


Today's Inspiration: Humility and fear of the Lord brings forth  riches, honour and life. Proverbs 22:4. He who guards his soul will not be easily ensnared. Verse 5.
Power comes from within. With God's word planted in you daily, you are sanctified and miracles follow.  Matthew 19:26. Only God can make the impossible possible. No enemy can live inside of you when  the Holy spirit is inside of you, empowering you for works greater than you can ever imagine. 1 John 4:4, John 14:12-13. 
Right thinking leads to right action.  Our problem lies in the corruption of the mind.  Many a time our mind fails because we fail to feed our spirit with His word of instruction.  It is important as it helps us to be able to hold onto our faith.  
Faith means holding onto God even in tough times that test our belief.  If we seek Him daily and earnestly and listen to His instructions closely with our heart, He will make His will known for our life.  He is the pillar of our strength. Hence, make devotion a part of your life.  Seek His wisdom and instruction daily through prayer and reflection of His word in  the Bible. Mighty men of God never leave the tabernacle of God till they have instructions from the Lord. 
Receiving instructions without action,  God cannot back  you with miracles. James 2:26 Let God be praised this morning as you act on His faith fuelled by the Holy spirit. Have a blessed day!