Today's Inspiration: As the year draws to a close, take stock of your performance for the Lord. Your business is God's business and must take priority. The more you steward it well the more prosperous you will be. Those category of business that wears you down and are not fruitful must be cut down. The axe is on the root. Luke 3:9.

Abound in hope by the power of the Holy spirit as you enter 2018. Romans 15:13.
Are you ready for His new mandate of doing new things to break through to new territories and new harvest? His grace is going to abound as you seed to your new harvest. You will enter a new season with humility and love and be open to God's mandate to drop people who have been hindering you all the while and pick up new people that helps you to bear fruit. 
The winnowing fan is in Jesus' hands and He will blow away those things not useful to you. Whatever is not shaken remains. All unfruitful work will be cut down and thrown into unquenchable fire. The axe is on the root. Luke 3:9. 
This is the season of repentance for unfruitful work in 2017 and responding to God's will for 2018.  It's time to arise and shine and not to walk away. Give undivided attention to the work of the Lord. Do not be distracted. It's time to arise and shine for the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Isaiah 60:1.