Today's Inspiration:  We exist to glorify His name. Blessed is the man whose descendants are upright, who  fear the Lord and observes His commandments.  God does whatever He pleases.  Psalm 112.1-2, 115.3.

God put unloving people and difficult people  to us  to work out His character in us. We were created for His pleasure and set apart for His use that God may manifest His miracles through us and our Father's name be glorified. We are now to be holy and pure before Him before we could ascend. When we acknowledge Him as our Saviour and Lord, we are accepted as children of God. Romans 8.15. What a privilege!
This means our old nature should no longer exist but be buried forever. Romans 6.6. Until the old nature is buried, we are carnal and an enmity to God. We are prone to  sins. Habitual sins like pride, anger, BOASTFULNESS and self righteousness ESPECIALLY tend to have dominion over us if we still want to hold onto these stale meat in the refrigerator of our soul. It is important we dispose these habitual sins once and for all and live unto righteousness. Verse 11. What you obey you become.
Job 40 we are not to complain about our sufferings but allow God to test us till He find it timely to deliver us. For the sufferings is momentary. The glory that is revealed to us is eternal. Till we resemble Him in His image, and offer our body as a living sacrifice, God will continue to work that character in us. Does not the potter have the power over the clay? May the Holy spirit help us in our weakness! For He says to Moses, He will have mercy on whomever He will have mercy and He will have compassion to whomever He has compassion. Romans 9.15. What we are and have achieved today is not because of what we do or how good we are but by His grace and mercy. Peace be to you all this week.  May God revealed to you the riches of His glory which He had prepared before the foundation of the world. Verse 23.