Today's Inspiration: Jesus taught his disciples that man's enemies are those of his household. Matthew 10.36. Could this be one reason why family relationships are the hardest to tackle? Righteous communications put the enemy at bay. It is important we speak the spirit's language because it is the words of our Heavenly Father who placed them in our hearts to communicate to bring restoration to the soul and reconciliation to the family. Words from a hurting soul can never edify the family.
Matthew 10.20 was Jesus' assurance to his disciples is that whatever they hear is from the Spirit and our Father communicating through them to win the hearts of lost souls whose lives are perishing. Hence we should not fear but boldly share the Gospel. Do not fear the enemy of your soul. 
If we want to win the hearts of the multitudes, we should be wise as serpents and gentle as a dove. Verse 16. God in these last days are uniting the hearts of missionaries with tent makers to win the world for Christ. This is the mandate God is giving to us where God will use cafe to win young professionals and families for Christ.
God is raising more and more women to minister to such souls with their nurturing instincts to lure them to Christ. God is restoring family  relationships in 2018. 
Will you be the One God has called and chosen? The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few. Matthew 9 verse 36. Come and hear my new mandate for 2018 in TCC at 3 Little Road at 7.30 pm as we gather to pray for Singapore and the nations for young adults to know Jesus and hunger and thirst for His righteousness that they maybe filled. Matthew 5.6.