Today's Inspiration: Be strong and courageous.  Only the strong people will glorify Him for those who dare to take great exploits are those who can soar to great heights. Isaiah 25:3.

Many still are lacking in faith even though they claim they read the word, study the word and pray. John 15:3 declares you are cleansed by the word yet why are you still fearful and feel unworthy to serve the Lord?
Jesus says we must be sanctified by the truth. John 17.17.
Sanctification is not a one time occasion but a continuous process through to eternity.  Spiritual wars are real. We need to be alert and watchful. We cannot afford to be complacent. 1 Peter 5:8 says he roars and ready to devour you. To be continuously sanctified is that we cannot afford not to pray nor neglect our devotion time with the Lord.  God wants to fellowship with us daily. 
The word must dwell richly in us so that we have a timely word for everyone. Its His word that grants us wisdom, knowledge and understanding. When we are at the end of the road, when we plead with Him for mercy, He hears us and delivers us from injustice. Psalm 107:6. We cannot afford to be stubborn for stubbornness comes from the root of rebellion which is enmity against God. Rebellion opens the door to the enemy of your soul. Yet in His mercy He delivers and satisfies the hungry soul. Verse 9. Psalm 119.28. 
He will honour those who waits on their master. Proverbs 27:18. Rebellion rots the bone. A man is valued only by what people think or say of him. This is why Jesus asked Peter who the people think he is and ask for Peter's opinion of him as well. Peter declares he is Christ the Son of the Living God;  what about you?