Sunday Breakthrough Main Service Time: Every Sunday at 10:30am


“A faith based loving family church”. 


Welcome to the Family of God in Trinity Community Centre. Our aim is to be a community centre of warm, effervescent, outreaching of Christian love, a place with all of its components united in order to transform communities through education, edification and manifestation of miracles in your life. 


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“Every plant which my heavenly Father did not plant shall be uprooted.” (Mt 15:13)


Father Me Inner Healing Ministry is the mainstay of TCC. Through the Father Me healing programme, our team of facilitators are able to catalogue for you how each developmental period of your first 12 years of your life from womb to adulthood has become and remain a critical influence in all you think and do as adults.

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Calling all intercessors into a solemn assembly to join us to prophetically intercede for Singapore and Israel primarily and the other nations! Prophetic Intercession equips intercessors to hear what God is speaking to the nation and His burdens to pray. If you feel led to be part of the large army of God, come and join us in our weekly prophetic intercession every Wednesday at 7.30 p.m to hear what the Spirit of the Lord has to say in this crucial time and age.



In TCC, we organize Worship Workshops, Training and Seminars among the community of churches to develop skills, arrangements, alignment and revelation in Prophetic Worship. We also introduce Messianic Worship, Dances and other expression of praise and worship unto the Lord across all generations, for all ages. We believe in building a generation moving spontaneously as an army of worshipers and advancing in Spirit and Truth. Our vision and zeal is to rebuild the Tabernacle of David with His Shekinah Glory. TCC is also currently partnering with Kingdom Music for Worship training.