To TOUCH and build strong families through inculcating in them edifying communications. At Trinity Community Centre Singapore, we advocate the Word of God to be our daily language and tasked to inspire the new generation to be the salt and light to their homes, community, workplace, schools and the Nations. It is only through good communication with God can we establish good relationships, careers, business, marriages and most important of all, parenting. We believe relationships are our greatest resource, influence and legacy as the blessing of God is generational. Deuteronomy 5:10


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House of Prayer for Singapore, All Families and All Nations



God has destined Trinity Community Centre (TCC) to be a church strong in Father Me healing, teaching & equipping in SoHS, and House of Prayer for all nations. God is bringing us to a new season in knowing the Father's heart and doing greater exploits for him, to move in greater faith and heavenly anointing to break the yoke of bondage, oppression and sickness. Let's continue to join our hearts in oneness to pray and ask God to propel TCC to another new level of faith and anointing in bringing dramatic healing, impactful teaching, greater freedom and restoration to the many individuals and families in TCC and also inter-denominational. Supernatural breakthrough comes for those who are standing in faith. Breakthrough is not something we sit around and wait for. Breakthrough is God waiting on us to respond in obedience to what He has already commanded and promised in His Words. Let's come together every Wednesday evening 7:30pm to pray for divine intervention to crush and dismantle Satan’s stronghold. Whatever it be, whether sickness, relationship problem, bad finances, unemployment, depression, secret sin or any other thing – today, God is giving us power and authority to break that stronghold down and set us free. We claim victory in the power of Jesus’ name. Amen!


Our Meeting on
4th July 2018

Exhortation by Ps Darien Choo ....

We need new preparation in the new season. For every promise there is a new preparation. The more we extend our faith to God, the more of His extension of provisions to us. There are people going through changes and changes may bring fear and anxiety. We need to catch the anointing to overcome fear and anxiety through God's promise. We need to push out fear, worry and anxiety.

Ps 126:1-6
▪God has a new season of joy ... overflowing joy for us. Negev is a desert. They are people facing desert situations, God will restore them like streams. Songs of joy will come. God's stream are coming! Even in tough times, learn to carry a heart to sow. There is going to be a great harvest. For those who want a breakthrough, sow a seed of faith. God is challenging our faith and in the midst of restoring our fortunes.
▪Dream is a language of God. It has prophetic revelation. When we have negative or demonic dreams, rebuke it and cancel it in the name of Jesus.
▪They will be a season of transition to a newer pasture for those who are looking for new jobs. God's promise is to restore everything you have lost - job, health, relationship, finance, etc.

Ps Darien also shared on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit....
*A lot of people are praying but they are praying without the Word.* How much of your prayer has the Word of God? What is the Sword of the Spirit? It is the Word of God! To wage warfare we need the weapons of warfare. When we pray without the Sword of the Spirit, we will get injured. Hence, pray with the Word of God! Prayer must connect to the promise of God. We need to pray with the power of God in the Word. The Spirit of God speaks only from the Word of God.

Jer 1:9-12
▪God wants to fill our mouths with His Words.
▪The Word always build, bless & edify the Kingdom of God.
▪Anything without the Word of God is not going to work.
▪God will reveal new visions to you concerning your ministry, your work, your home, your children, ...
▪whatever you pray using the Word of God, God will watch over His Word to accomplish it. God will back us up. We need to allow God's Word to come to us when we pray.

*God has a new season for TCC and His people. We need to pray for new capacity, new workers, new strength and new infilling of the Spirit.*

Thanks be to God, it is so good to see our intercessory group growing. God has answered our prayers. Thank God for all the new intercessors. Surely it is by God's divine appointment. We are blessed!

Pastor Francis gave a very good exhortation on Ephesians 6:18. Pray in the spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayer.

Here are some recaps: we need to have a right attitude towards prayer. We know prayer is important but many do not know what to pray or how to pray. In the Last days, deception is going to come. Even the Elects can be deceived. 1 Corinthians 2:12 -14 tells us that spiritual things are to be spiritually discerned. We need to have the Spirit of God to discern what is of God and what is not. We need to be constantly in the Spirit, to humble ourselves and pray and seek His face and allow the Spirit to guide us. We can't just pray in the natural. Looking at the natural, it will be very discouraging and difficult for us to pray. Romans 8:26 tells us the Spirit will help us, tell us and teach us how and what to pray. We need to cut off from all natural disturbances. Fasting will help us to deny the flesh and sharpen our spirit man. Praying is a spiritual thing. It involves listening to the Spirit not just talking to God. We need to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to us or want us to do. When the Lord releases a word to us, it will enrich our Spirit. It will change the whole perspective of prayer. Listening to the Spirit of God is the key in praying in the Spirit. Prayer is not when we are in need than we pray. Prayer is not just specific to requests or needs. We need to pray at all times. We need to take the Word from God and declare/speak it into the spiritual realm. God wants to use our mouthpiece and to partnership with us to speak and declare His Word to bring forth results.


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