Word of the Month – May 2017


"For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Hebrews 4:12



14 May 2017


The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him – The Spirit of wisdom… Isaiah 11:2


Beloved Brothers and Sisters,


In the proverbs, King Solomon has many insights about Wisdom because it was the only request that he had given to the Lord when God asked him what is his desire and wish as the coming King of Israel. Looking at the daily lives of people, whether they are Believers or Pre-Believers, we all have the equal amount of time, similarly destination of death and are all just a breath inside of us. So what is the main difference then?


The main difference is to know God through His WORD and becoming like Jesus through His LIFE and living in the Spirit through His POWER, can we fully experience the Wisdom of God. In Psalm 90:12, it tells us to ask God in teaching us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of Wisdom. This is so important because most people are busy for nothing and we just waste the days without accomplishing much actually. When I discuss with parents today, many children seem to spend a lot of time on computer games, dramas and social media platforms. This is a real challenge I could understand because when I was working as an executive in the workplace, I too was indulging in online gaming and it has such a huge draw and enticement that I begin sleeping at 3am and waking at 6am for work. Not only that I couldn’t concentrate on my work, my mind was on the next level to accomplished and how fast I can achieve a status to beat my peers. My intention and whole objective is to leave work early and begin hitting the computer asap when I touch home. Everything was oblivious to me. This not only it affected my performance at work, it also has its toiling upon my health.


One Sunday when I was in church worship, a voice began to convict me in the Spirit saying, “What are you going to achieve by this? What is it for you even if you hit the highest level? Are you going to move to another game by repeating the same vicious cycle of addiction and indulgence? Is this the life that Jesus wants you to have?” It was like a Holy Spirit Grand Awakening moment for me. This voice must be surely the voice of God that is speaking to me. I believe the most important question in our lives is, “How to live?” I begin to understand that I really need the wisdom of God to lead me in a fulfilling life in Christ. I need to know how to handle my TIME (Relationship), my RESOURCES (Stewardship) and my PURPOSE (Fellowship) with the Wisdom of God. Many thought the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus only during baptism but the Holy Spirit was already in Mary when Jesus was conceived. That’s the reason why Jesus grew up with Wisdom, Statutes and Favor of God. That was what makes Him different from any child. The Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is prompting the children of God not to waste precious time on addictions and indulgence, but be mindful of using our time to seek God, pray, worship and listen to the Call, Purpose and Perfect Will of what God has for our lives. We are created to have authority, dominion and power over the world to draw souls to Jesus Christ and create the impact on the lives of people through the love, compassion and forgiveness that our Lord has extended to us. Jesus told all the disciples that GREATER THINGS will they do which He has exemplified for the GREAT COMMISSION. We must be a SOUL WINNER body of Christ and not SOUL TRANSFERRING body of Christ. May the Lord grant us wisdom to be a SOUL WINNER and a DISCIPLE of JESUS CHRIST. If we all unite together with this vision, like the disciples did in the First Day Church, we are going to change the community and the Nation to a Godly one where revival is going to take place. Let’s prepare and be ready for the next movement of God in Singapore!


To God be the Glory!


With Love Always,

Ps. Darien Choo

Associate Pastor

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