Today's Inspiration: God's word is true because we serve a covenantal God who abides by His word. He told Jacob He will be with him and will not leave him till He has done what He has promised. Genesis 28:15. At the end of His life Jacob became more righteous than before and inherit more than his ancestors. Therefore whatever He has spoken to you He will bring to pass. He will regard your prayer. Psalm 102:17. All you have to do is to just believe.
What is your goal for 2018? It must be achievable, measurable and achievable.  When you abide in His word and believe a His promises He will surely bring it to pass. 
It is only after your whole heart believes in His word without looking at circumstances can you achieve what you set out to do.  
You may think you have made the wrong decisions and you have shattered your dreams with your own folly.  
In all my walk with God I have seen God brings to fulfilment our plans but according to God's ways. Many a time you find His ways better than your ways. God's plans is always to prosper your soul not to harm it that you may have Good health as your soul prospers. With health comes peace and prosperity. Jeremiah 29:11, 33:6, 9-12. 
If God is for you no one can be against you.  Romans 8:31.
Year 2018 increase your storehouse of righteousness. May He who supply seeds to the sower and bread for food  supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruit of your righteousness. 2 Corinthians 9:10. It is only through faith and obedience and undivided loyalty to the Lord and those over you, can you reach the destiny God has planned for you in Psalm 139:13-16. 
Your talents are God's gifts to you. What you become is your gift to God. Your achievement so far have they brought glory to God?
Let it be your resolution for 2018 to expect to achieve beyond your goal through God's principles prescribed in the Bible.