Today's Inspiration: Isaiah 30:19. This is a season not of weeping but of prayerfulness in the Holy spirit. It's the Holy spirit who hastens your answered prayers.
In order for people to have a life changing experience, we need to Speak like Jesus who teaches with authority and spoke in a way that touched people's heart and thus  attracted a crowd. Like Peter says Lord to whom can we go? Jesus  touched the life of Peter since the day of Salvation when He showed Peter that it  is the Holy Spirit who empowers multiplication of fish. John 6:64 Jesus knows which soul to touch. So we need to be discerning.
When Jesus says Come to me He means learn from Me. He wants to teach eternal truths for  daily living,  to show us who God really is, and to explain what is going on in our life and how God works through us. Jesus ministry is empowered by the Holy spirit. He wants us to be His disciple who learns and listens. Isaiah 40:4-5.