Week 3

Today's Inspiration: Loving each other is to know each other like a son or daughter to the father in full reverence and devotion to each other all your life. The second greatest command is to love others like you love yourself meaning loving even the unlovable. Love the brotherhood of believers, give respect to everyone, fear God and honour authority which are placed over you to commend you who do right and punish you who do wrong as it is God's will that you do good so that you can silence those who are foolish. 1 Peter 2:13-17.
We need to plant as much seeds of love as possible to our children. Our words and actions to our children are seeds and all of us have experienced being sown and have sown both good and bad seeds. Some have mutated seed as they mingle with people in their  environment. When you look around your sphere of influence you find many adults with wounded child within. No one is exempted as long as they live in this world. 
Home and family seedbed are the primary seedbed that determines the kind of fruit we will produce in our lives. Whatever is in your heart determines what you do or say. Luke 6:45. 
Little children believe every word that grown up say. Yet grown up are also wounded children with a need to go back to the Creator.  Hence they have a tendency to focus on our weakness than praising us for our good deeds.All our life we have turned away from the Living God and served gods like anger, jealousy, shame, fear and insecurity.
It's time for us to discard these gods of ours so that we can live an abundant life in Christ God commanded us to live. John 10:10.