Today's Inspiration: When troubles come knocking at your door don't have wild imaginations. Whatever you perceive is all an imagination caused by fear of the unknown. Nehemiah 6:8.
Whatever project you have started bring to completion. All bad reports be it medical or otherwise that caused you to fear are the work of the evil one. Nehemiah was not shaken and no matter what his persecutors planned, he believed God will bring to completion the task He commissioned. When you are threatened just be steadfast. His plan will succeed. Nehemiah 2:20. 
Because Nehemiah was not shakened by false reports he and his team completed the work in 52 days. His persecutors were amazed and fear crept into them because they realised that God had empowered Nehemiah and his team to succeed. Nehemiah 6:15-16.
Likewise for your medical report. Believe that God has greater task ahead of you and wants to unleash the power within you and will heal you notwithstanding adverse medical Reports. Only God can heal you. Believe in God the object of your faith. 
People  came to Jesus for healing because doctors have given up.  They had to put their faith in Jesus and were miraculously healed. You may be imagining the worse things now but remember people in Jesus days just come with their faith and were healed. Acts 10:38 Jesus still heals today.