Today's Inspiration: Keep the Word of the Lord. They are pure like silver tried in a furnace purified seven times. Psalm 12:6-7. His word endures forever.

When the battle seems tough, fear subtly grows into our heart and take over. This happens to Barak the commander who was assured victory against Sisera but was afraid to go alone without Deborah. Judges 4:6-9. 
Fear is not trusting God enough to lead us into battle. When He leads there is bound to be victory. This is contrary to Joshua who led the people to battle against the  Amalekites whilst Moses interceded for Israel. Exodus 17:9-16.
As believers we should not be a coward but be brave, bold and strong that we will always bring glory to God's Name. The cowardly are cast into the fire. Revelation 21:8. Let us train ourselves in truth and righteousness that we have more faith in God so that we can overcome every challenge that tries to hinder us from our destiny.
Blessed be to God where the leaders would lead in commitment and the people willingly offer themselves for service. Judges 5:2.