Today's inspiration: Never be rashful in your speech. Guard your tongue. He who guards his lips guards his life. What is spoken out cannot be redeemed easily. It's from the fruit of the lips a man enjoys good things. Proverbs 13:2-3.

When we get together we must spur each other towards love and good words. Hebrews 10:24-25. Edifying words are good for our soul. They bring healing to our soul and body.
Whatever comes out of the mouth is determined by the heart.  For out of the mouth comes our thoughts. If our heart is evil, the thoughts will be evil. So will our mouth tend to slander, gossip and speak careless word. Matthew 15:18-20.
Many believers who are not healed react childishly. They will react according to the age they are hurt. For instance if you have been misunderstood at the age of three you reacted like a three year old. It's important to grow up now that you are an adult and ponder before you speak. Don't judge in your heart. Matthew 7:1. When a person is constantly blamed he will always read the statement in a way feeling that others are blaming them. In short you blame yourself before others blame you when actually no one is blaming you. Guilt from the heart has to be delivered If you are rejected in childhood you tend to reject others before you get rejected as an adult. When you keep justifying yourself you have not grown up. Words spoken cannot be redeemed easily. Damage has been done. You have hurt the soul of others who has good intentions. 
Therefore it is important to have the mind of Christ filled with His words which is filled with love, joy, edifying and encouraging words including words of comfort. A person who reacts easily is one who is quarrelsome always wanting to pick a fight because the quarrelsome child in him or her has not grown up. 
As a believer, we need to put to death our earthly nature like anger, rage, malice, slander and filthy language from our lips. Put on the new self which is renewed in knowledge in the image of your creator. Colossians 3:5-10. 
Clothe yourself with compassion, humility, kindness, gentleness and patience. Verse 12. You must always have the spirit of Forgiveness and rid yourself of wrong perception of people's good intentions. Let love and peace of Christ and His word dwell richly in your hearts. Finally have an appreciative and thankful heart. Whatever you do in word or deed do it in the name of Jesus giving thanks to God the Father through him. Verses 15-17.