Today's Inspiration': God's mercies and loving kindness endures forever even from the beginning of time.  Psalm 25:6.

Life has to be a balance.  As believers we are more vulnerable to attack as Satan always wanted us to forget God and will take advantage of any of our careless attitude or negligence to attack us.  Life has to be a natural and spiritual balance. 
Whatever it is, God never desires us to be in doldrums but will always get you out when you cry upon Him desperately.
We need to seek His direction always. It has been a great spiritual emphasis week at TCC this week. I could sense the awesomeness in the spirit as I prayed in the spirit. But it has been challenging for me as I kept plundering the gates of hell for the health of the Body of Christ. The more I battle in prayer the more I got challenged even though there are many pastors praying with me in the spirit. 
But I know our redeemer lives. He redeems us from our afflictions. He never fail us. Even if you have a breakthrough you should seriously pray both in the spirit and understanding. TCC is a House of Prayer for all nations. This was the first objective in building TCC that the Body of Christ be divinely protected even before we started our school of equipping.  Watchfulness and prayerfulness is what Jesus had left behind to His disciples to watch and pray. We should carry out this mandate with us wherever we go. To pray for others is also another form of evangelism we should carry out even though we could not publicly evangelise. People will never refuse prayer. 
When we are challenged by the enemy continue to plunder the enemy's fortress and repossess from him what had been stolen be it health, finances or relationships. This is a season where anointing to plunder is strong. 
Make use of every opportunity to plunder and the enemy will give back what the locusts have eaten. The return is seven fold according to His promise.
Just keep rejoicing and praising the Lord. You may be challenged now but continue to sing a song of faith to Him. In due time you will walk on heights as you genuinely fear Him and seek Him continually. Habakkuk 3:19.