Week 1


Today's Inspiration: When men failed you and you seem to be at the end of the road, you tend to justify with God the good deeds you have done. Job did but God remained silent. He was eyes to the blind and feet to the lame and father to the poor yet he was subject to calamity. Job 29:11-16.

It is not good deeds but His grace, peace and mercy that can bring you out of the wilderness. God does not desire sacrifice nor good works though they are important for the extension of God's kingdom.  He desires your heart to know him intimately as a child yearns for his or her father's embrace and love. God this day is looking for a true son and daughter who will align to His heart and not judge by what he  or she sees or makes decisions by what he or she hears. Isaiah 11:3 but He is looking for your delight in reverential fear of the Lord.  Be a true child of God.
It is amazing that one makes decisions based on perception. If you have been wounded in childhood, you are actually making life decisions based on the wounds of childhood. The purpose of healing and growing up again in Christ Jesus to spiritual maturity through our Father me program is to override what wounded children 's brain drive them to think, feel and do by using the frontal cortex of their brain to make decisions and to bring captive the imagination and bring down the strongholds. 2 cor 10.5. Our weapons of warfare are mighty. Verse 4.
Maturity is to be able to see reality instead of perception. Perception  is presumption and is sin in Psalm 19:13. Do not be blinded by Satan. Tear down lies of pride, unforgiveness, anger, resentment, vengeance and bitterness, self pity and poor self image and habitual sins.
Hear what God said in Jeremiah 29.11-13, proverbs 4.20-23. Transformation of heart is what God is seeking in His children. How many wrong decisions you have made in life ? Those were made out of your woundedness. Do not lean on your own understanding, Proverbs 3:6-7 do not be hasty in your decisions.  Seek God for strategies and be still. Have calmness in the spirit. Psalm 46.10. Be a child of God. Don't behave like the world.