8 April 2018 Word by Senior Pastor Rev Alicia Teo


Today's Inspiration: Whatever your situation maybe, just remember He is abounding in love and His favour is for a lifetime. Do not be oppressed by the enemy.  They are lies to scare you. In the name of the Lord you can destroy the enemy because you have the truth dwelling in your heart in Jesus name. The Lord is your helper.  Psalm 30:5, Psalm 121.

Oneness is so important in the Kingdom of God. Throughout scriptures He exhorts us to oneness. Oneness brings  blessing and abundant life. If there is no oneness we have contravened His commandment from the beginning of creation. When we leave a place we have to not only leave geographically but also emotionally as every place has a different calling. Many have failed to realise that oneness is in the heart of God when He first created the world. God is Himself in oneness with Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit. The wife is supposed to be bone of her husband's bone and flesh of his flesh. Genesis 2:23. Therefore he must be in oneness with his wife. He is to cleave to his wife in verse 24. No one takes priority. Ephesians 5:31 also reinforces this truth.
 We are to have oneness in our own natural family and Christ's spiritual family.
With oneness comes a blessing as commanded by God. Oneness is to be thru eternity, Psalm 133:3. We are Christ's body. So we must have oneness. Christ's body cannot be divided.
 Lets work towards oneness in our family. Let the God of peace sanctify us to oneness. Stay tuned to the Holy spirit.

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