9 April 2018 Word by Senior Pastor Rev Alicia Teo


Today's Inspiration: We all know we should not contend with the Lord Almighty for He is mightier than us yet the flesh always want to justify.  God knows every heart. Let us put our fleshy nature onto the altar so that we are not carnal but spiritual for spiritual weapons are given to those who walk in the spirit. Ecclesiastes 6:10, 12 and 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.
This season believe in the supernatural. I saw a supernatural vision of a large Bible opening up and a large eagle spreading its wings flying over the Bible and both flew together. It's indeed spiritual revelation of using the Word of God to intercede for our situation. Isaiah 40:31 and Exodus 14:14 came to mind. This was confirmed by Pastor Hana from Taiwan who saw an eagle  soaring as she also saw a huge flying eagle soaring with our intercession. She also released a word on Red Sea opened and encouraged us not to worry for we would see our miracles today. This is a confirmation of Exodus 14:14. Praise God.
Indeed we are in line with God's agenda. 
Now that the Red sea is opened are you still fearful to walk through? What is the level of your faith? When you pray, believe your request is granted and it will be done to you and when you ask in the name of Jesus, God will do it as it is written in Mark 11:24.

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