12 April 2018 Word by Senior Pastor Rev Alicia Teo


Today's inspiration: The Lord is light and we who are His, should walk in the light and overcome darkness.  When light shines in our eyes we will always be rejoicing. A joyful heart bring health to our bones that holds the health of our body together.  Proverbs 15:30.
Many people do not realise that God created the ears, eyes, mouth and mind that bridle our mortal body. Our emotions truly do affect our health. The mind and the mouth can be both toxic or blessing to us. James speaks a lot about the tongue though small can cause great damage to our health. Our body responds to what we think and speak. Once we know this truth and take precautions by reflecting before we speak or think we are spared from ill health. Proverbs 23:7. James 3. Proverbs 18:21.
The Bible is filled with these warnings yet we choose our own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 tells us to trust God with our whole heart and not lean our own understanding. 
Good relationships are ruined by our own words. Once we speak we cannnot retract for human nature is such that they can remember one critical word for life rather than a string of compliments. This is vanity chasing after the wind.
When we are wounded in infancy and childhood we tend to be codependent rather than interdependent. Hence people get into the mode of controlling each other in their conversation manifesting rage in many occasions.  
It is always ideal not to counsel couples together until you walk with them through father me life  development program for at least one year to awaken their spirit of how woundedness of their  infancy and childhood  have a direct impact on their life today and how to avoid the path of reaction to life experiences for wholesome family relationships.  We have found in ministry over 20 years that individual walk with Christ on Father me would lead to togetherness walk with Christ.
Amos 3.3 - oneness is our goal in father me life development program that restores family relationship. We seek to deal with each partner's wounds first before we counsel them as a couple so that they can function well as a team in the family.

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