13 April 2018 Word by Senior Pastor Rev Alicia Teo


Today's Inspiration: Do not labour for the food which perishes but things of the eternal that gives you eternal life. We are saved to save others and to glorify His name. John 6.27. Working for eternal value sustains your life but working with wrong motive leads to destruction. Be a good steward of your resources.
There is always a reason behind every trial. Naaman's sickness was due to the fact that God knew he needed to know who God truly is. This is reinforced by his utterance in 2 Kings 5:15 "Indeed now I know that there is no God in all the earth except in Israel." For believers it was a test of the stability of his faith so that he can do greeter works as declared by Jesus to his disciples and the prophecy came to pass with the first days church carrying out the great commission. Acts 2. John 14:12-13.
Sometimes it's God's ways to get your attention for further anointing of the revelation of the word. God has His timing for everything.  Ecclesiastes 3:1. For Job, it is the same thing. It is to reveal to him who the Redeemer truly is. Job knows God as one far away and he had the misconception that his life and possessions can be protected by his daily sacrifices. It is the depth of the love you have for His Son that pleases God. 
God desires us to have His perspective in our meditation of His word that gives success in our life than mere information. He wants us to know His heart more than knowing about Him. It is only when we grow deep that we can go higher. Joshua 1:8-9. Psalm 119:11.
 God wants us to have more insight to His word so that our life will be filled with signs and wonders. Psalm 119.18. We must turn our eyes from things that are worthless. Verse 37. 
There is power in His word. Like a mother who can speak to the foetus in the womb we can also speak to our body to be rejuvenated and it will be rejuvenated if you believe and trust His word. Mark 11:23-24. Whatever sickness you are going through, its an experience more than a death sentence. Our mouth is a powerful weapon. Something happens when you speak God's word.
Resist the enemy with God's word in your mouth and the enemy of your soul will not enslave you but will flee from you and reverse the chain. Stay healthily with declaration of God's word, the words of life.

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