Today's Inspiration: The Lord is your refuge and strength. His presence is strongest in the secret chambers where He abides in you as you abide in Him. May He reveals His heart to you today. Remember He will come to your aid as you call upon Him even in the midst of a severe crisis. God always has His ways and time. He loves righteousness.  In this endtime  stay close to God so you will not be ensnared. Psalm 46:1-4, Psalm 45:5.
In this age and time we need to be watchful for the devil is prowling over believers waiting for the right moment to ensnare them. So gather with other watchmen and cover each other particularly your family. Isaiah 21:6.
Nothing is difficult for Him. If He has made the heavens and the earth and He has raised Jesus from the dead, what other power do you need to deliver you from your situation? Jeremiah 32:17. Do not be deceived by the devil's lies. God is in control.
Abandon fear from your heart so that it will not come to you. Many people are being ensnared because of fear. If you can receive His perfect love in your heart, fear will leave you. 1 John 4:18. Anger and stress are the worst characteristics one can  ever have. So its good to cast them out for anger and stress leads to chronic long term diseases. If you have suffered anger and bitterness for a long time satan has a foothold over you already. Only with self-control can you cast them out from your spirit. Self control is made possible only with unconditional love and if you are spiritually growing in Christ. Its your spiritual maturity that can weaken the demonic influences  hovering over you. Ephesians 4:30-32. Watch your tongue. Walk in love and be imitators of God. Ephesians 5:1-2.