Today's Inspiration: While the world choose to pursue riches, as disciple of Jesus Christ we should do away with pride and ask for wisdom and understanding of the Word of God which penetrates deep into our heart,  dividing soul and spirit to receive the riches of His glory.  Proverbs 16:5 and 16:16. Heeding God's voice is the way of life.
Self-control brings peace to the home. If all members of the family exercise self-control, how blessed will be the family. Peace surpasses all knowledge and understanding and breaks down every wall. Riches will flow to them all the days of their life followed by joy and all the good things that accompany them. Though we feel our spouse and children are continuously giving us strife, behind it all is God testing our heart for the fruit of self control. He is always in the business of refining our character that the world may be impressed and want to follow Jesus.  As disciple of Jesus Christ we must reflect God's character. Proverbs 17:3. When we are slow to anger, we are stronger and better in the spirit than the strongest men in this world whose tendency is to panic and act rashly. We can conquer all strife only by self-control.  When we have self-control God fights the battle for us and we will win every battle. Proverbs 16:32. If we have no self-control what message of the Gospel are we sending to our loved ones? How can they be saved when they find there is no change in us? The Gospel is all about God's righteousness and to live a godly life. 
Let us not conform to the world's standards but to God's  standards that brings peace to our family, our career and our ministry. The Gospel message is all about love and peace.

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