Today's Inspiration: God will never forget His promises to you. He will ensure that they may fulfill in your life so that you will observe His statutes. Psalm 105.42-45. As God never forget us, let us not forget the amazing testimonies He has provided for us when all around us seemed bleak.
It's a season of God calling you to worship that will confuse the enemy. The Lord uses people who are insignificant and turned them to extraordinary people. Moses, Aaron and Samuel were among those who were focused on the Lord and called upon Him and stood in the gap for His people and the Lord answered them. Psalm 99.6.  So exalt the Lord your God for He is holy. Verse 9. 
He who made the ears does He not hear? He who made the eyes does He not see? Psalm 94.9. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13.8. The Lord may appear silent but He is actually working out His plans for you behind the scene and revealing His purposes to you.
Till you be still and build your relationship with Him, you cannot hear His heart. The main purpose He created you is to have fellowship with you that you will build your spiritual life with Him. Therefore give glory to God glory and strength. Psalm 98.7. Let the heavens, the earth and the sea rejoice! Adam and Eve focused on building a natural life causing them to fall to sin of covetousness thereby breaking the last of the 10 commandments handed down by Moses. God can never tolerate sin. Only the faithful who walks in His perfect way shall serve Him and dwell in His house. Psalm 101.6.
As a born again believer, we are a spiritual being and need to understand things of the spirit.  Only then can you understand God's ways of multiplication.