Today's Inspiration: 2 Chronicles 15:7 your work shall be rewarded. He will be with you to the end of age. Matthew 28.20. So do not fear and be anxious.

A Christian life is a life of  faith. How have you demonstrated your faith to  those around you?
Abraham was credited righteous because of his faith. The Lord sustains our faith and gives us hope to strengthen it. Psalm 138.3. The Lord knows man's efforts are futile.  Only He can give us hope and hope does not disappoint us.  
Your faith must be built on breakthrough to  come.  Whatever you are praying for, you must believe and expect God to answer the way that is best for you. Mark 11.24.  The Bible has given us the word of Christ and you have seen His power through testimonies of people all your life including your testimonies.  These alone should motivate you to faith. Hebrews 13.8 He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. He is unchangeable. Malachi 3.6.
The reason why God took so long to answer is that you are not seeking Him enough to address the issues of your heart.  The strength of your faith is manifested in overcoming the spiritual forces that cause habitual emotional sins in life that blocks your path to make it crooked. The shield of faith is the strongest weapon that shield you from fiery darts of the enemy that pounds condemning remarks to you daily that subdues you. This disabled you to use your shield of faith. 
We have always forgotten that Christ only responds to the strength of our faith. For instance He said your faith heals you. Matthew 9.22. God rewards persistent faith that has assurance of hope. Whatever trials you are facing today, let your faith even as small as a mustard seed overcomes it. It's not knowledge of the word that matters but how much of His word have impacted and transformed you to believe in the One who empowers you to do the extraordinary way beyond your Comprehension.