Today's Inspiration: How good it is to give thanks to our Lord, Saviour and King! If you feel your heart burning this morning as you read the scriptures, you will know God is in your presence.  His two closest disciples were not aware of His presence when He appeared while they were walking with dismay as to the next step to take. Luke 24:29.
Many a time we will not believe  what the scripture says. We need God to open our understanding as we read the scriptures. Verse 45. Once we have the revelation of His word, we see healing taking place or a decision of clarity we are waiting for. 
Christ began to remind his disciples during resurrection about His fulfilment of scriptures and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached to the whole world beginning with Jerusalem. Very often we do our own way without bearing fruit.  We need anointing of the Holy spirit daily to achieve what we have set out to do. instead of panicking in threatening times. Let us get to the Court of Heaven to plead for immediate intervention that can grant us peace of heart to move on. Let us wait patiently till we hear an accurate word from the Lord. God be praised!

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