Today's Inspiration: Many a time we despise the counsel the Most High God and rebel against God's Word. The consequences are severe. The Bible warned us that we will sit in darkness and in the shadow of death bound in afflictions. Psalm 107:10-11. 
Samuel warned us to obey God's word rather than sacrifice. Even in fear and panic we should not go against God's word.
Saul lost his position and life because he was against God's anointed David by trying to kill him to remove him from kingship and disobeyed God by performing the sacrifice which he is not supposed to do under the Law and Statutes. 1 Samuel 15:22, 28. We can never thwart God's plan. Job 42:2.
 Instead we should give thanks to God daily for His mercy and goodness to us and our family. Psalm 107.8.