Today's Inspiration: Unless the Lord builds your house you labour in vain. Partner the Lord in all your projects and you will succeed.  Value your children as they are your mighty warriors. Psalm 127:1-5. Teach them intercession.


The word 'suffering' in Hebrew is 'choly'. It's meaning is mental distress, anguish, torment and sickness.  Today there are so much in this category and mental health is on the increase because if indwelling anger, revengefulness, injustice, unforgiveness and self pity, which are all habitual sins. 
It is time we dwell on God's word to wipe out events in our life that has tormented us. The devil always use our weakness to torment us.
We maybe believers but we take on half truth because we don't see miracles in our life. Now we have to take in whole truth. For instance we take in John 8:32 but ignore John 8:31 on obedience and being His disciple. So we still remain bound by satan. 
How do you read God's word? Do you believe what God said in His word? 
Meditate today on Hebrew 4:14 to 16. We have a great High priest in Jesus who is the only God and One who has passed through the heavens and now sits at the right hand of the Father in third heaven. We may be weak but He is strong and having tasted realities of human life He does sympathise with us in our sufferings.
Therefore we can now approach the throne of Grace boldly to receive mercy and find grace for our distress. He is our present help in times of need. Psalm 46:1.
So whatever your situation, please be assured He will have compassion and come to your aid since He has considered you as His Ambassador. Spiritually you are with Him in heaven as a born again believer since you are joint heir with Him though physically you are on earth as His ambassador. So why torment yourself? Have your mind eradicate the hurting wounds of the past and take in God's word that gives you security for the future. Keep meditating on His word. Joshua 1:26 8.