Today's inspiration: Shabbat Shalom! Looking forward to seeing all of you who signed up for the feast. Its going to be awesome celebrations today and awesome message.  God has promised you will no longer be ashamed or confused but receive double blessings and double honour. Everlasting joy is now pouring onto you. Isaiah 61.7.

Joy is the fruit of the spirit we need to have for it gives us strength to fight every lie of the enemy. Nehemiah 2:10. Joy comes when we are overwhelmed by the love of God that joy becomes complete because we are able to love ourselves and others. The greatest joy I ever have is always to see a soul surrendering their life to Christ and a couple's restoration.  When there is joy, we commit ourselves to God. Self becomes immaterial. All it matters is to do God's pleasure like the angels doing the bidding of God.
Our mourning, murmuring and complaining are cast out. Our agenda is God's agenda. Until our agenda is God's agenda, we are not a tree of righteousness and God's name cannot be glorified. Our mission should be setting people free. Isaiah 61:3 and to rebuild people"s lives.  
If you are the son and daughter of God, then you will focus on His everlasting light who gives you victory. Most believers focus so much on spiritual attacks instead of victory in Christ Jesus. If you do that, the spirit of heaviness clings to you leading to oppression and oppose one another. Yet God's promises to you is violence will no longer be in your land. Isaiah 60.18.
Why not focus on the Promises of God? Forget the pain and embrace the destiny God has for you which is brighter and more excellent than you think. Success comes when you are passionate to digest the word in communion with God, have a servant's attitude and an excellent spirit. God wants to excrete the negative thoughts in you that is unclean and replace you with His principles of living to give you abundant life. If you have childish reaction you are not a son and daughter of God. God wants to make you son and daughter a transformed soul to prepare you to be the bride of Christ. The harvest is near you and in your heart.

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