Today's Inspiration: How have you viewed your life? Life is filled with uncertainties. When calamity suddenly happened to a prideful person, how can he handle it? Does he quit or still fight in faith? It depends on whether you are living according to His word? Psalm 119.9-11. Seek the Lord with all your heart.

David's life was full of weariness, anxiety, always on the brink of death but he never give up. He knew that God is testing him and getting him out of the wilderness to the promised land and out of miry clay into His Fire to be a vessel of honour.  It's through astonishing miracles that can bring God's glory to the highest honour. 
God wants to  break a broken soul before He could lift them up to the highest place. 
David was all out to teach Nabal a lesson for rejecting his request for food for his army who was near to starvation.  But God intervened through Nabal's wife Abigail reminding him that the security for His future is in God's hands and to see beyond his pain and choose instead to pass his test of faith.  1 Samuel 25:28-31.
This crisis coupled with his terrific years in the desert hiding from king Saul was part of the pruning process to prepare him as future Israel's greatest king. 
Through it all, He learned to submit to authority, to lead men to ensure and to trust God in trying circumstances. 
God is always shaping, directing and strengthening us and preparing us for a season of abundance.  You may not be able to visualise right now but nevertheless you are on the brink of breakthrough.   Till you are prepared to submit to His pruning process and come to terms with Him and change your attitude and listen to wise counsel of the Lord, you will continue to wait upon the Lord until you are prepared to move on His terms.  Psalm 40:1. Can you see the wondrous things in the Law of God and obey? Psalm 119:17. Can u see that God is doing good to you that you might live through eternity? Verse 18. 
His goal isn't to harm you but to liberate you so that you can pursue your desire for His kingdom. Jeremiah 29:11,  Matthew 6:33, Galatians 5:1. Press on for His name's sake.

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