26 July 2019 Word by Senior Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Are you desperately crying out to God for an encounter? Let Jesus have compassion for you and touched the eyes of your heart that you may have more understanding of His ways and thoughts and follow Him with devotion. The blind man was desperate to have an encounter with Jesus that He might come and have compassion to open their eyes that they might see and they cried out desperately to Him for mercy. What do you want Jesus to do for you this morning? Matthew 20:31-33.

The Lord wants you to see the invisible for the answer lies in the invisible of what God is doing behind the scene for what is seen is temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18. Whatever your affliction maybe is only a speck and is momentary. You may not know why this affliction does not go away but if you seek God with all your heart He will reveal to you what He is doing is of eternal value to you and will ultimately work exceedingly glorious for you. V17. so do not lose heart. You may feel your outward man is perishing but actually God is renewing your spirit day by day. If you have eyes to see what He is doing in your life, ultimately, you will breakthrough and cause many thanksgiving that abound to His glory. It all depends upon His grace and mercy and the measure of your faith which God has given to you as a gift to trust in Him and whatever you believe will come to you. Romans 12:3.

Now that we are in Christ, we should live not for ourselves but for Him who died for us and rose again. Therefore regard no one according to the flesh but in the spirit of revelation that sharpens your spirit. As you are in Christ, God has made you new, therefore you do not live according to your past ways which have passed away and you no longer pick up that dirty Garment again but be clothed with the robe of righteousness and garment of praise that God had given you on the Day you acknowledge Him as your Saviour and your Lord.

You are the temple of God. Be holy for He is holy. You are clothed in the light therefore your communion is with the light and not with darkness. God had made everything new for you. Can't you perceive it? You will move in ways you cannot comprehend . So open your hearts to receive from Him. What do you seek and what do you want Him to do for you? How are you serving Him? Do you believe He can do the impossible? Matthew 9.28. Then wait and see His glory. John 11.40. Your faith had healed you. Till your understanding is opened you can't see His healing manifested in your spirit, soul and body?

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