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12 February 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: God has always desired that His people be not distracted by temptations and to worship only one true God. He spoke though Moses in Exodus 23:23-24 that He will send His angel to guide them to the promised Land on one condition: obedience. When they enter, they are not to be tempted to worship other gods. What are the gods He is talking about? The answer lies in the distractions symbolised by the temptations Jesus encountered in the desert in Luke 4:4-8. These distractions are immediate needs, v4 achievement and reputation v5 and finally the world in v7. These are the lust of the eyes, the lust of pride and the lust of the flesh mentioned by John. Our testing of the fleshy needs are always a test on our relationship with God in preparation for our future responsibilities. Testing is actually a school to measure our spiritual progress, growth and readiness in our calling.

The Israelites were given specific instructions and promises for the promised land they were to enter. These instructions are applicable even today. They were to conquer the enemies and cut them off totally.

Who are these enemies? They were the tribes that caused Israel a lot of negativity in their soul - inferiority, fear, insecurity, shame, defilement and hopelessness in verse 23. If we are to take great exploits for God, these emotions must be exterminated from our soul. We have to totally break down these strongholds which are hindering our lives and our potential V24. Without conquering these emotions, we cannot serve the Lord our God effectively. In short, we have to drive out our old habits, attitudes and loyalties left over from pre-conversion days. We often use the term that we are under spiritual attack. Actually the spiritual warfare starts with Spiritual warfare within ourselves rather than with others. People provoked us and we tend to react instead of clarifying what they mean or reflect within ourselves if there was a message to refine us and to come to terms with it. If we can't let go of our habits, behavior and attitudes before conversion days, we will constantly be under spiritual warfare as we are serving other gods and it will be a snare for us. V33.

Let us not be the Israelites who wanted to retreat to Egypt which is our past when they view the giants in the promised Land bigger than them even though Joshua cautioned them not to rebel against the Lord and not to fear the Giants. Numbers 14:3-4, 9. Because of their rebellion, caused by fear, they were rejected by the Lord who pronounced death sentence on them except for their descendants up to twenty years. Those men who have negative reports on the promised Land ultimately died by the plague. V35-37.

When a promise is given by the Lord and you are tested, you are not to complain but fight with the word of God like Jesus to overcome. The keys to overcoming is to obey and trust the Lord fully notwithstanding the circumstances. Only with obedience and partnership with the Holy Spirit to overcome, will we be able to receive supernatural anointing through supernatural visitation of God to do the impossible. Joshua and Caleb were able to achieve much success because of their willingness to trust the Lord fully and to obey His instructions without doubt that trigger supernatural anointing that empowers victory in whatever they embark on. God be praised!

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