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To TOUCH and build strong families through inculcating in them edifying communications. At Trinity Community Centre Singapore, we advocate the Word of God to be our daily language and tasked to inspire the new generation to be the salt and light to their homes, community, workplace, schools and the Nations. It is only through good communication with God can we establish good relationships, careers, business, marriages and most important of all, parenting. We believe relationships are our greatest resource, influence and legacy as the blessing of God is generational. Deuteronomy 5:10


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Father Me Parenting and Reparenting Workshop



“Every plant which my heavenly Father did not plant shall be uprooted.” (Mt 15:13)


Father Me Inner Healing Ministry is the mainstay of TCC. Through the Father Me healing programme, our team of facilitators are able to catalogue for you how each developmental period of your first 12 years of your life from womb to adulthood has become and remain a critical influence in all you think and do as adults.


Many of us are influenced by what has happened and we get stuck in our development and we continue to confront the issues over and over again. Your wounds of childhood may have perverted your belief system.


Having cyclical problems in your life? Uprooting your past wounds of childhood from life in the mother’s womb is the key to empower you to walk into the plan and destiny God has written for you in Psalm 139:16”…in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me”. Even people with chronic diseases like Cancer, stroke, depression and diabetes were set free.


Come and have your problems diagnosed by the Holy Spirit through our trained and experienced counsellors/therapists, and receive miraculous transformation to your lives. This Program also equips parents with the appropriate parenting skills for their children. “….your appointed time has come” (Ps 102:13). Call us for your appointment with our counsellor/therapist.


For those who are wish to know more, you may contact us:-

Healing Clinics: Call (65) 6385 6771 and talk to our Father Me Facilitators


FM healing programme are now being used and practised widely by trained and certified FM facilitators in Malaysia, Philippines, India and Australia.



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