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To TOUCH and build strong families through inculcating in them edifying communications. At Trinity Community Centre Singapore, we advocate the Word of God to be our daily language and tasked to inspire the new generation to be the salt and light to their homes, community, workplace, schools and the Nations. It is only through good communication with God can we establish good relationships, careers, business, marriages and most important of all, parenting. We believe relationships are our greatest resource, influence and legacy as the blessing of God is generational. Deuteronomy 5:10


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Omega Kids Children Ministry

Omega Kids sing and perform in weddings and community outreach. They also make arts and crafts to raise funds for the elderly.



Omega Kids Service Time: Every Sunday 11:30am


Welcome to Omega Kids! A safe and creative haven for nurturing young hearts …


Dear parents and friends of TCC,


It has been five years since the inception of the church and we are still witnessing in total amazement at how God grows our congregation. Seemingly, as the church grows, needs for family ministries increase. This year we would like to introduce our children ministry as part of the effort to reach out to families, offering hope to inculcate biblical values for transformation of children who are in crisis. For those who are sound, our program seeks to sustain positive values that will continue to carry them a long way through life.


What is Omega Kids?

Omega Kids is TCC’s very own children ministry formed in 2013. Since inception, we continue to operate Sunday school every week for children age 3 to 12. The ministry was formed to simultaneously answer God’s calling for TCC to develop a loving family church. We develop curriculum with special emphasis on character building accompanied by impartation of God’s values, which we believe is fundamental to the success of every child. Here, we do not focus on academic merits but on amplifying biblical truths.


What are the visible problems with families these days?

Due to high standards of living in Singapore, it is not uncommon to see most families if not all, having both parents in the workforce. Many a times, quality time with children is compromised and because of this reason, miscommunication or lack of understanding between both parties occurs. The consequence may even result in children ceasing communication totally with parents when they come to face difficulties in school or peer relationships. This is when potential issues arise.


What do we do?

We stand in the gap by educating our children the right values, showing them examples of various difficult situations and explaining how they could better handle the situations while remaining empathetic towards others. We aim to nurture children with Christ like values so that they are able to demonstrate God’s love and blessings to people around them. At the same time, we also hope to strengthen their resilience to overcome any difficulty that may come their way embracing a joyful heart. Our vision is to see our children excel in their lives and be proud and confident ambassadors to lead people into God’s kingdom.


Who are our teachers?

We recruit talents from within TCC. Our candidates are carefully selected based on their bible knowledge, competency to expound biblical truths and translate them into simple language, ability to engage the children and of course their experience and aptitude deemed suitable to fit our teaching roles. We look for teachers who uphold high biblical moral standards in their characters and importantly, they must genuinely have the love for children. To enhance our teaching quality, we conduct weekly training for our teachers.


What is our learning and teaching methodology?

Our program is creatively crafted to incorporate elements of music, arts, drama, story telling and games to motivate children’s participation. In some cases, children are given opportunities to dramatize scenarios subject to the theme of a particular term. For younger children, they will learn through observation with their teachers demonstrating and explaining the scenarios to them. We encourage our children to freely express themselves and provide feedback on their learning experience. This does not only open a window for the children to reflect but also an opportunity for their teachers to gauge their understanding and ability to apply what they have learnt.


Where are our lessons conducted?

Our classes are conducted at three different classrooms located at Epida Community Hub. These classrooms are air-conditioned with conducive environment to enhance our children’s learning.


What time will our Sunday school classes take place?

Our classes usually commence after announcement at the main Sunday service at around 11.30am. The teachers in charge will assemble the children at the main door before bringing them to their respective classes. The entire duration of each lesson is about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the children’s learning pace. Simple refreshments will be served before lunch after each class. Parents may proceed to the community hub after alter call to pick up their children.


Are there special services to help your child in his/her growing up years?

Yes. We offer counselling to needy children and parenting advices to parents who have difficulty understanding and communicating with their children.


How can you enroll your child?

You may obtain the enrolment form from Sister Serena at the church office.


Last but not least, I hope that the information given has provided you with a deeper understanding of our program. We look forward to receive your children’s enrolment and would like to extend our warmest welcome in advance to them for joining us. As an educator, my aspiration is to see that our children benefit from the program as they grow up to be socially responsible, compassionate and reliable individuals who will serve God and His people with passion.



Carrine Ng

Principal, Omega Kids

Counsellor, Counselling Ministry

TCC Singapore









自社区中心在 2011 年成立以来,我们至今仍然惊奇地见证了无数神迹以及教会的增长。正因如此,家庭事工的需求也随之增加。今年要向大家介绍的儿童事工部是我们接触家庭事工的其中一项管道。希望以生动有趣的方式灌输圣经的真理来引导在危机中逆存的孩子,帮助他们得以转型。对于健全的孩子们,我们提供的教学模式也有助于他们在成长的道路上保有正面的价值观以便学以致用。


俄梅戛儿童主日学校是在 2013 年创立的。自成立以来, 每个主日我们都持续为 2 至 12 岁的孩童提供儿童主日学教育。该儿童事工部之所以成立的主要原因是为了响应神给三一社区中心的呼召 - 成为一个充满爱的家庭教会。我们开发了配合上帝的价值与品格构建课程,坚信这是有效培育孩子成才所需的基础。我们注重的不是学术成绩而是广大圣经的真理。



因为新加坡的生活水平高,不难发现在多数家庭中双方父母都是上班族的情景。很多时候,家长与孩子相处的时间 日益减少了。因如此双方出现了沟通和理解上的问题。其后果甚至导致儿童在面临学校或同伴之间所产生的问题时,无法坦然的向父母敞开心。潜在的问题就在此时产生。















我们的上课时间通常是在通告在主日宣布后的上午十一点三十分 。该负责的老师们会带他们到在大门口聚集,然后带到各班类。整节课的教课时间会取决于孩子的学习进度,每一堂大约会持续为四十五分钟到一个小时。课后会有简单的点心午餐。家长可在殿堂的祷告后前往社区中心接自己的孩子。
















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