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To TOUCH and build strong families through inculcating in them edifying communications. At Trinity Community Centre Singapore, we advocate the Word of God to be our daily language and tasked to inspire the new generation to be the salt and light to their homes, community, workplace, schools and the Nations. It is only through good communication with God can we establish good relationships, careers, business, marriages and most important of all, parenting. We believe relationships are our greatest resource, influence and legacy as the blessing of God is generational. Deuteronomy 5:10


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School of Holy Spirit Lesson Time: Every Tuesday 7:30pm (LIVE-STREAMING via FACEBOOK for PAID STUDENTS ONLY)


School of the Holy Spirit has been founded in the year 2012. Now in the 6th year we have trained hundreds and thousands in the nations besides Singapore. It was formed primarily to equip the Body of Christ for ministry and to give direction to their life and mission. We have catalogued unique and creative modules to equip them for creative preaching and teaching both in Singapore and in the nations. Spiritual growth, spiritual discernment and all the requirements of the four Gospels will be the main objective of our ministry. You will be equipped with spiritual authority for your ministries. Dreams and visions and healing modules are the most popular modules including the knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

We have just completed ministries of the Holy Spirit and now will be starting our module on various levels of anointing and understanding and recognising the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Threefold secrets of the Holy Spirit will also be taught. All modules are specially designed for those who hunger and thirst for more knowledge of the Holy Spirit and moving in His power.

In the School, you will be trained to hear the Voice of God accurately, how to handle and test a prophetic word, how to deliver it and building up relationship with God, self and others are teachings you will bring back to apply to your life and family as well as ministry. Without relationship with the Holy Spirit, there can be no spiritual life, no faith with power and victory.

Come and be blessed and receive the Holy Spirit’s fire – a fire that cannot be quenched like the burning bush. For those who would like to be grounded in the word and to experience the Fire of the Holy Spirit in your relationship and walk with God, sign up today for our School Of Holy Spirit – 2019. Current Curriculum below.





















“Healing your lifetime of pain”

The whole of our life is influenced by what has happened before. We can never detach the present from the past than a tree can walk away from its roots. To move forward to maturity and towards your divine destiny, you need to understand the process of human development as God intended you to be, discover the invisible roots of your adult problems in infancy and childhood and experience the healing and restoration of the Lord as you relive the events of the past to His revealed presence. We have catalogued for you how each developmental period of your life from womb to adulthood has become and remains a critical influence in all you think and do as adults.

If you are experiencing a lifetime of pain maintaining meaningful relationships in your life especially with your family, and spouse, this Course Father Me Healing is for you. Many who attended this Course have discovered their roots traceable to childhood & infancy wounds and after going through Father Me Healing & Sanctification, have experienced breakthrough in relationships in the family, including career advancement and healing breakthrough in their lives. This Course is a Course you cannot afford to miss!


Lesson One : Life in the womb

Lesson Two : Birth to six months

Lesson Three : Exploration – six to eighteen months

Lesson Four : Free to be me – Two years of age

Lesson Five : Identity – three to five years

Lesson Six : Gifts and Calling – Six to twelve years

Lesson Seven : Integrating, connecting and maturing – the early teen years (13-14)

Lesson Eight : Discovering your God-given destiny – mid teens to young adult years

Lesson Nine : Generational Iniquity




“Conquering the Seven Nations Within You”
Removing Obstacles...Intimacy with God

Communion was foremost in God’s heart as He prepared the nation of Israel to cross over into the land of grace. Intimate communion is God’s plan for us as well. In Christ, God brought all mankind back into this relationship of intimate communion – a purposeful intimacy where all that man was and all that he did flowed from his oneness with God. It was the relationship with God that set us apart from all other people on earth. Exodus 33:16. God’s plan for us is peace, rest, communion, purpose and worth and we obtain all of these in Christ.

However, many of us could not enter into this peace, rest, communion, purpose and worth because of the lies that were planted in our childhoods. How then are we able to remove these obstacles so as to walk into the fullness of God? Be an Overcomer! Register Now!


Lesson One:  Living the lies in our life

Lesson Two:  Beware of Emotional Echoes

Lesson Three: Removing old formations

Lesson Four: Removing old tenants

Lesson Five: God's Hands

Lesson Six : Conquering Fear

 Lesson Seven : Conquering Rejection

Lesson Eight : Conquering Worthlessness

Lesson Nine : Conquering Insecurity

Lesson Ten : Conquering Shame & Guilt

Lesson Eleven : Conquering Defilement

Lesson Twelve : Conquering Hopelessness




A Christian life is a life of discipline. Many desire a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ but they have never been taught how to meditate on Jesus Christ. This module therefore categorises for you 10 models in Biblical history who became extraordinary because of their biblical meditation that draws them closer to Christ. By incorporating their meditation into your life, you enjoy a new experience with God. Biblical meditation is about God. It is meditation that will change your life because you will experience God in a way you have never experienced before.

It will be interactive coupled with 15-minute break up groups after 45 minutes of teaching where students will share what they have gathered from the lesson and their personal experience. Each group will appoint its own facilitator who will also share with the class what their group’s views are. It is a module not to be missed!


Lesson One : Bringing back the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation

Lesson Two : God’s Creation and Majesty – David’s Model

Lesson Three : Pondering on the Saviour – Mary’s Model

Lesson Four : Meditating on the Cross – John’s Model

Lesson Five : Biblical Principles of Success – Joshua’s Model

Lesson Six : Press on for Higher Calling – Paul’s Model

Lesson Seven : Meditation on Your Calling and Gifts – Timothy’s Model

Lesson Eight : Pondering on Failures – Haggai’s Model

Lesson Nine : Meditating on God’s Intervention – Asaph’s Model

Lesson Ten : Meditating on God’s Name – Malachi’s Model

Lesson Eleven : Contemplating Intimacy with God

Lesson One : Discipline for godliness

Lesson Two : Discipline of purity

Lesson Three : Discipline of marriage

Lesson Four : Discipline of Fatherhood

Lesson Five : Discipline of Friendship


Lesson Six : Discipline of Mind

Lesson Seven : Discipline of Devotion

Lesson Eight : Discipline of Prayer

Lesson Nione : Discipline of worship


Lesson Ten : Discipline of Integrity

Lesson Eleven : Discipline of tongue

Lesson Twelve : Discipline of work


Lesson Thirteen : Discipline of Church

Lesson Fourteen : Discipline of Leadership

Lesson Fifteen : Discipline of Giving

Lesson Sixteen : Discipline of witness

Lesson Seventeen : Discipline of ministry


Lesson Eighteen : Grace of Discipline




by Reverend Alicia Teo

Commencing 19th September 2017

3 John 2 the Bible quotes that as the soul prospers so will our health prospers. This means there is a relationship between sanctification and healing. Sanctification which is the health of the soul reminds us that true salvation and true health is conditional to ourselves being holy as God is holy. There is therefore a relationship between holiness of life and the healing of the body.

To accomplish this we have catalogued in this module the various spiritual disciplines that are needed to be godly. Godliness has value for all things holding both the present and the life to come 1 Timothy 4:7,8. Discipline is that determined effort on our part that corrects, moulds and perfects our character. Spiritual disciplines is the training that is needed for the unhindered pursuit of God's will and purpose. Discipline puts into daily practice our commitment to godly life. Holiness is to have one mind with Christ. Without holiness we will never be able to enter heaven which is a holy place. Unclean will not be able to get in. Rev 21:8,27. We are to be holy for God is holy; and we are royal priesthood a holy nation.

At the end of the course you will understand the foundation of salvation and what it is to be holy.


Lesson One : Sanctification to Holiness for the Health of the Body

Lesson Two : Spiritual Discipline of Purity

Lesson Three : Effective Relationships require Discipline

Lesson Four : Discipline of the Mind

Lesson Five : Discipline of the Tongue

Lesson Six : Discipline of Devotion

Lesson Seven : Forming Habit of Integrity

Lesson Eight : Discipline of Work

Lesson Nine : Discipline of Perseverance

Lesson Ten : Church Discipline

Lesson Eleven : Discipline of Giving


SOHS 2020

Every Tuesday @ 7:30pm

Venue : Trinity Community Centre

Course notes: $50 per course.

Certificate of Attendance shall be issued to students who attained more than 80% attendance.


Freewill Offering will be collected at every session.

For enquiries and registration

Please contact Trinity Community Centre.

Tel: 6741 1502.

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